At Simply Magic Marketing, we make marketing simple, effective, and even fun for coaches, consultants, service providers and visionary entrepreneurs.

We know marketing is vital for growing a rockin’ business, but it can get over complicated and overwhelming AF, especially with all the bells, whistles and tactics out there today. We see entrepreneurs struggling to keep up, losing sight of what really matters – real connections with ideal clients. ✨

That’s why we do things a little differently around here. We blend strategic savvy with a dash of magic to deliver high-level marketing leadership and hands-on execution. This empowers our clients to implement marketing that works for their unique biz needs – minus all the fluff, clutter and burnout. 🧹✨

With our guided frameworks and customized strategies, we enable entrepreneurs to attract their perfect clients, create compelling offers, launch smoothly, convert consistently and operate sustainably. All with simplicity as the core focus. 💫

At Simply Magic Marketing, we don’t believe marketing success should require blood, sweat and tears (okay maybe a little sweat 😅). With the right strategy and mindset, you can build the biz of your dreams – profitably, joyfully and with a touch of magic! ✨

Our Founder

Simply Magic Marketing was founded by Pam Langord, a passionate entrepreneur and self-proclaimed marketing magician. 🧙‍♀️ Pam has always loved supporting big dreamers and making things happen behind the scenes. As a kid, she was the planner and doer who brought her friends’ wild ideas to life – like starting a Donny Osmond fan club and building a “clubhouse” (aka a towel fort). 😜 Today, Pam brings this same passion for execution to grow visionary entrepreneurs’ businesses. She thrives on organizing systems, strategizing solutions and automating processes so changemakers can work their magic. After years enabling teams in the corporate world, Pam found her true calling: providing marketing magic for coaches and healers. She believes with the right support, these world-changers can exponentially grow their reach and impact. As Simply Magic Marketing’s founder, Pam gets to be the marketing wizard behind the curtains – taking care of funnels, automation, design, social media and more so coaches can focus on transforming lives. She’s the strategist, planner, and executor who clears the path so visionaries can shine bright. And she couldn’t imagine a more perfect role! 💫 When she’s not cooking up marketing magic, you can find Pam in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals, cheering on her favorite sports teams 🏈, or working on complex jigsaw puzzles. She lives for fun!

Our Differentiated Approach

We stand out with a unique approach to business success, focusing on authenticity, streamlined systems, strong foundations, engaging content, and effective marketing strategies.

Embracing the mottos “Magic sets the vision, metrics guide the mission, fun fuels the passion, leading to profit and the freedom you envision” and “technology should enhance your business, not hamper it” we prioritize genuine connections and simplicity.

Our Core Values

We approach every client engagement with:

Our Frameworks

We have three proprietary frameworks that guide our marketing magic:

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