Finally! The Ridiculously Foolproof and Personalized "Done With You" Process to Create Funnels that Sell Themselves Without Wrangling with Technology or Wrestling with Self-Doubt

Get Mind-blowing Clarity with strategy and support instead of losing sleep over the right way to create a funnel…

Are you tired of watching from the sidelines as fellow coaches launch 6-figure products and programs while you still peddle dollars for hours?

You’re not alone, darling… and honestly, it’s not your fault.

The way the online program landscape is laid out right now, with AI-powered platforms and advanced marketing automation, it’s enough to boggle even the most experienced entrepreneur.

  • Hundreds of AI-driven platforms 
  • Tons of email marketing systems  
  • Truckloads of strategies that claim to be the miracle you need   
  • Dime-a-dozen course creation ‘blueprints’

The choices alone will make your head spin.

It’s like standing in front of the ice-cream display and trying to pick your favorite flavor. Mint choco chip? Banana caramel? Cookies and cream? Coconut? Jamocha Almond? Vanilla? …

Can’t I just have them all? 

Yes, but you might get a little sick if you get and eat ’em all at once… kind of like if you try to use ALL of the strategies and platforms out there… 

The endless choices of what strategy is best, the confusing tech, the mind-numbing questions to consider… It’s daunting and way less satisfying than choosing an ice cream.

So what’s a fun-loving, heart centered entrepreneur like you, to do? 

  • How do you decide what kind of funnel is best? 
  • How do you choose what AI platform(s) to go for? 
  • How do you ensure that the program will sell?
  • Should you even create an online product or program in this new AI era?


278 Billion Reasons to Sell Your Services Online… Today

The online learning industry is worth $278 billion dollars and that, my friend, is reason enough to drop what you’re doing and offer your program today.  

Add to this the fact that Online Learning has increased 900% since 2000 and is expected to top $325 billion by 2025 (Forbes).  

Couple this with the reality that 84% of learners want to learn online, and, right now EVERYONE is doing everything online whether they want to or not –this is all the more reason to get your services out there and serve more people with ridiculous ease.  

I’m a strategist at heart and when I see numbers… I know one thing, “numbers don’t lie.” 

Whoa! Back up…
Who Is This Chick and Why Should I Listen to Her?​

Heya there!

I’m Pam Langord, chief marketing maven at building and implementing all pieces of your AI-powered funnel in an easy to understand way, and your new best friend, but that’s not all (cue Ginzu knife infocommercials)…

I can see the big picture AND know where and how all those puzzle pieces connect so you can see the sales roll in. Plus I know my way around lead generation and can get you massive leads like magic.

I’m your tech unicorn and maybe your tech fairy and wizard all in one (they’re kind of the same thing, right?). 

Basically, I’m your right-hand-gal with a heavy dose of AI magic slash your organized and detailed brain. Let’s get it done. 

That’s my thing. We all have our thing (or things), right? 

It’s a (pretty natural extension of being the organizer of ALL things in the tech world). 

Lest I forget that I’ll be doing my best Will Ferrell and Cherie O’Terie impressions cheering you on through all the ups and downs of getting s*it done. 

Yes, I said it.  I’m your soul {strategy} sister and the behind-the-scenes Buddha for tons of coaches and consultants, like you. I created 4WTF to give you a repeatable process so you can get back to what you do best – change lives, transform the world and enjoy your freedom.  

Don't Believe Me, Though... Believe Them

Pam has the ability to have insight into things I have not considered that can improve my business. She uses cutting edge technology and helps me stay efficient with my time and work. Her laughter and availability are just icing on the cake.

Shannon Nickerson

Soul Driven Health Coach

Pam is the real deal and gets **it done. I’m a person who thinks through strategies very quickly and Pam is always right there with me. No back and forth because she just knows what’s needed and jumps right in. She’s highly skilled and beyond competent. Best part is it’s all done with ease, humor and a whole lot of fun!

Angelique Giron

Writer | Coach | Consultant

Pam is that wizard behind the curtain. I love that I can call her in a panic, ask for help and I know that she has my back. If you are looking to free up some time so you can enjoy spending time with your family, you definitely want her on your team. 

Elaine "The Brain" Turso

Business Consultant

Without a doubt, Pam is that other set of eyes you want on your business. She is my trusted source of knowledge on all things technical, a solutions oriented fairy who just knows how to get things done.

Denise Slattery

Marketing Consultant

Pam is a great ace up your sleeve when it comes to getting all your tech set up and running smoothly, no cookie cutter solutions here. She helps build with systems that will grow with you. Definitely a good asset for the growing entrepreneur!

Liz Lajoie

Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Pam has heart of gold, a brain that blows my mind, and a passion for helping others succeed that I rarely see. Pam is my #1 go to for entrepreneurs who are serious about building a business that really shines.

Sheila Logan

Founder of YES! Women's Network

For the last 5 years, I have been running multi-million dollar launches, mapping out kickass products and programs, wrangling with tech, AI platforms and demystifying launch strategies so my clients don’t have to exhaust their grey cells doing so. 

All they have to do is show up, sell and sit back to enjoy the PayPal notifications rolling into their inbox.  Cha-CHING!!!

Like the sound of that?

You can experience it too!

4 WTF: Four Weeks to Funnel
Create Your Funnel, Painlessly and Effortlessly

The only done with you, tech-taming, real-time, AI-infused funnel creation program to wildly sell your products and programs without batting a sleep-deprived eyelid!

Four Weeks to Funnel gives you the complete rinse-and-repeat process that you can use to create a simple and easy to implement AI-powered funnel that rakes in the dollars without the stress, overwhelm and frustration.  

Based on my proven track record strategizing and running multi-million dollar launches for some of the big names in the industry out there, I’ll walk you through the complete journey of creating a AI-infused funnel straight up to launch and post-launch. And I’ll be by your side every step of the way. 

Here’s what you’ll master:

4 WTF is for you, if:

Here’s what you’ll get your hands on in 3, 2, 1:

Here’s how you’ll move from the seed of an idea (or all the ideas swiming in your head at once!) to a fully-fleshed out AI-powered funnel in 4 ridiculously short and painless steps.

How to create and lead your clients from their pesky problem to solution in a way that genuinely connects.  

  • Understanding your “why” so you are crystal clear on your purpose  
  • Map out your client journey so that they feel supported and understood along the way (the opposite of just being sold to)
  • Painless market research using AI to hone in on the best and most profitable ways to reach your ideal clients 
  • Planning and structure secrets that get you from dreamer to dynamic doer 
  • Meet with me 1-1 to flesh out what systems and tech you already have in place so we can make sure you are ready to take your clients on a magic carpet ride 

Let you true self shine with the words you share with your clients as you lead them on this journey, so they know with confidence that you real “get” them.

  • Understanding your clients’ “why” and “why now” so you speak directly to their hearts 
  • Creating incentives that automatically make your ideal client eager to keep consuming your content and sign up 
  • Share your messaging with the group and get valuable feedback on what works well in and what may need a little extra TLC
  • Your email series—what to create, when, why and how…and get it done 
  • Social posts that standout and connect deeply 

This is when we get our hands dirty and I walk you through all the steps you need to put all the seemingly random pieces together to make a beautiful experience for all those beautiful clients meant to work with you… 

  • How to hook up the emails, the opt-in pages, the thank you pages, the welcome email and all the follow up sequences that lead to other CTAs 
  • Make everything as simple as possible for your peace of mind and for the best experience for your client 
  • Create the integrations so information flows seamlessly from point of sale to product delivery 
  • Test the full sequence to check for any adjustments that may be needed (gotta make sure it all flows and is a smooooooth experience for everyone)

Your client journey is all setup (cue the confetti and pop the champagne…) and now what? Time for some analytics and how to demystify them so it’s easy peasy to tweak and adjust… 

  • Tracking and measuring—how to do this effectively (and why you need to) 
  • Tweaking anything so you can scale and optimize like the magical badass you are
  • Replacing anything like a graphic or piece of copy or anything else needed to maximize results
  • Repeat anything that is working well so you can reach even more people 
  • Extra pre-recorded trainings that take you step-by-step through how to hook up your entire funnel
  • My entire vault of AI prompts templates, checklists and swipe to help you plan and create your client journey map and content even faster

Here's the scoop!

Make this the Year You Kiss Stress and Struggle Goodbye

$497 Full Pay

2 X $297 Pay Plan

The Next Magical Cohort Begins November 13th!

‘Tis The Sweetest Thing

The sound of bells ringing… 

The smell of freshly brewed coffee blending with the aroma of flaky croissants…

None of these sweet things come close to the thrill and excitement of seeing money appear magically in your inbox and knowing you get to serve and help your ideal clients!! 

Picture this… 

You’re strolling through the mall, browsing the latest arrivals at the Forever New store, when your cellphone beeps and you see you’ve made a sweet $499 from a client who can’t wait to get started.  

Minutes later while you’re sipping your kale smoothie, ping! Another $499 in the bank.  

You finish shopping and sit down for lunch… You’re digging into your crunchy Caesar Salad and your phone lights up. 2 new sales and $998 has found its way into your wallet.  

By the time you head home with your shopping bags, you’re richer by nearly $2000.  

Yes, sweet cheeks, a trip to the mall is no longer about spending money and burning ugly holes in your wallet… it’s about money flowing in even while you spend. 

You no longer have to hustle endlessly and suffer through another marketing course to maybe get a client here and there… Taking a day off doesn’t require big planning and overthinking… Creating a rinse and repeat funnel changed all of that! It’s just so darn easy!  

You have the process that works like a charm without you having to wrestle with tools that suck the lifeblood out of you.  

You have the strategy that speaks to your heart and doesn’t make you feel like an icky salesman in a cheap polyester suit.  

You have the clarity that slays self-doubt and leaves overwhelm writhing in the dust. 

All this and more can be yours…  

​Powerfully Backed By Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

​You have nothing to lose or worry about. If you sign up for 4 WTF and realize that it isn’t for you or maybe it isn’t what you want… simply email us within 7 days of signing up and we’ll refund your money, no crazy-making questions asked.

Pinky swear!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have an easy pay plan that is in 2 installments. First installment is immediately taken out when you sign up and the second one is 30 days later.

4 Weeks to Funnel is a 100% online program which means that you’ll get all the details you need via email about when we first meet and how to immediately join the Facebook group without having to wait for anything in the mail.

How does LIFETIME sound? That’s right. You have lifetime access to this program, the call recordings AND to any updates that I’ll make to it later. Lucky ducky!

Ideally a minimum of 2-3 hours a week. You can always return to the recordings once they are made available, but you will get the most out of this course by joining in real time.

Yes but since we create and do this build in real time, it will be at least a few months before it’s available again.

You’re protected by our No Questions Asked, 7-Day, 100% money-back guarantee. That means that if within a week of enrolling you decide that it isn’t what you need, email us and we’ll refund your money, no guilt-tripping questions asked.

​Why 4 Weeks to Funnel is NOT Your Average Rainbow Pooping Unicorn

Here's the scoop!

Make this the Year You Kiss Stress and Struggle Goodbye

$497 Full Pay

2 X $297 Pay Plan

The Magic Begins November 13th!

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