You're A Meticulous Analyst!


You’re an amazing researcher and you’ve got making big decisions down to a logical science.

There’s nothing you love more than going down an internet rabbit hole to learn everything about a problem before finding the solution.

Your clients love your talented creativity and they sure as heck don’t mind when your meticulous tendencies help every project turn out perfectly.

Your big challenge? Sometimes your perfectionist nature makes it a teensy bit hard for you to hit deadlines. And your quiet introspection sometimes makes people think they can walk all over you.

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” — Steve Jobs

Keep reading for your customized plan to help you use your Meticulous Analyst strengths to reach for the top and bring others up with you:

1. Make your voice heard! You know what you’re doing and you’ve got the skills to make it happen. Don’t let your soft-spoken nature hold you back from making the right decisions, owning your expertise, and helping your clients achieve their goals.

2. Start taking risks! Sure, change can be scary and risks sometimes fail — but they’re also your best chance to make big things happen in your business!

3. Give yourself a break! You’re killing it in life and business. Take a day off and go for a walk in the woods or have a long chat with your bestie. You’ll never crush all of your awesome goals if you burn out!


Pam is a Marketing Coach, Strategist and Tech Unicorn.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and a decades long career being the figure-outer and go to person known for “building a better mousetrap”, Pam has helped numerous coaches and service providers scale their businesses simply and sustainably using her proprietary MAGIC framework.

After spending 5 years leading the marketing and production team for a high 7 figure coach, she founded Simply Magic Marketing, a full service, digital marketing agency providing solutions to heart-centered business owners that are as unique as they are. Her mission is to help amplify these unique voices and enable them to reach the masses without burning out or breaking the bank.

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